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The USA placemat has been recently updated after years of being on the market! Be sure to get the new and improved version.

**Explore our great 50 states and learn about iconic cultural and geographic landmarks with Tot Talk's USA placemat. Test your knowledge of state capitals on the back side, wipe clean and start over. Adults might need practice too! Learn where your next family vacation will be or where your family and friends were born. Tot Talk's USA placemat is a great way to create lively interactions at the table with parents, children, and siblings. What is the capital of Wisconsin? New Jersey? Learn every day! Recommended age: 3 - 100+.

Tot Talk Placemats are:

• Safety-Approved
• Award Winning
• Anti-bacterial - Wash with dish soap; placemats dry quickly
• Used in homes, schools and on the go, traveling or in a restaurant
• Lightweight and durable
• Dimensions: 17.5" x 11.5"

Placemat Cleaning TIPS:

To clean,

• Use WET paper towel with washable markers
• Use DRY paper towel with dry erase markers
• Do not use water on dry erase markers
• Antibacterial dish soap/water may be safely used to disinfect placemats
• Dishwasher not recommended

Why Tot Talk?

  • Extensive educational options for all interests

  • Double the education compared to other kids’ placemats (Tot Talk’s are double-sided). 

  • Placemats, made from highest quality, durable lamination, last years, even after many washes.

  • Kids can use washable AND dry erase markers on the mats (versatile and easy to clean).

  • Made in the USA

  • Safety tested annually by certified, Safety Testing facility in the USA